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Iron Ore Train

Nouakchott, Mauritania
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Coming Soon ! In the fall of 2024

Discover Mauritania with world traveller, Gustav Rosted, a regular guy from Denmark who has travelled to 173 countries by age 29!!

Gus has now safely guided adventurous travellers on the Iron Ore Train many times and believes that this is one of the most amazing travel experiences one can do in Africa.  Not for the faint-of-heart, the Mauritania Iron Ore Train experience is unique, adrenaline-inducing, and life-altering.  Though definitely off the beaten path, Mauritania is filled with breathtaking landscapes, authentic desert life, and unrivaled culture.

Day 1 : Nouakchott
Day 1 : Nouakchott

We will arrive at your convenience into Nouakchott – the largest and capital city of Mauritania which is well connected from many countries within Africa and most of Europe. You can fly from Tunis, Istanbul or Casablanca. I flew from Tunis last. Airport pick up and overnight at a hotel in Nouakchott. We will pick you up from the airport, don’t worry! Go To The Camel Market. We will hit up the largest camel market in Nouakchott, Mauritania

Day 2 : Chinguetti
Day 2 :  Chinguetti

Morning Wake up in the morning and enjoy a cooked breakfast by camp fire. Begin exploring the Adrar Region of Mauritania. Visit Azoughi oasis and village for a tea stop and experience how the locals live. Afternoon Drive to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Chinguetti – a holy city of Islam. You’ll visit the library and other historical monuments and landmarks including the much loved Friday Mosque of Chinguetti, the national symbol of Mauritania. Evening sunset watched from the huge sand dunes of Chinguetti. Dinner and overnight at Hotel – Traditional stone guesthouse

Day 3 : Chinguetti - Ouadane
Day 3 :  Chinguetti - Ouadane

Morning Breakfast at hotel. Ready to see the TALLEST Sand Dunes in Mauritania! Begin 80km drive through pure desert and sand dunes: on the way stopping in Tanounichert for a tea stop with the locals – once upon a time it was an important stop of the trans-caravan routes of the Sahara. Ouadane is the Pompei of Mauritania for its sprawling city in ruins which is sure to amaze you. It was here that products of sub-Saharan Africa were traded with those of the Maghreb. The Portuguese arrived in 1487 and transformed the city into a local centre of cultural, economic and scientific advancement. Afternoon Explore the streets and see the buildings that once glorified the country as a whole and then move on to the new part of town where you’ll be sure to mingle with the locals. Traditional dinner and overnight in the Hotel.

Day 4 : Zoerat - IRON ORE TRAIN
Day 4 : Zoerat - IRON ORE TRAIN

Get through a rather chilly, very loud, and pretty uncomfortable night. Then brag about this experience for the rest of your life! 20 hours of absolute madness and one h*ll of a story to tell when you get old! It’s now or never... The Mauritania train is the longest train in the world at 2,500m.

Day 5 : Noaudhibou
Day 5 : Noaudhibou

Exploring the harbour city and the cool shipwreck!

Day 6 : Noaudhibou - Noaukchott
Day 6 : Noaudhibou - Noaukchott

Morning An early rise for breakfast and the long drive to the Mauritanian capital city of Nouakchott. Afternoon On the way stopping for lunch at San Francisco Café for a hearty meal and access to WiFi after a few days of deprivation. Arrive in time to catch the lively Atlantic fish market. Every evening hundreds of fishermen bring in the day’s catch on their distinct sea canoes recognized by their colourful hand-painted hulls. The catch is then brought by donkey cart to the city’s markets. Visit the National Museum where artefacts of the history of Mauritania and its ancient cities are exposed – this will allow you to have a quite recap of what you’ve seen in the last days. Visit the local craft market where locals specialise in camel wool rugs. Driving tour of the massive embassies of the main players of the region – USA, China, France, and Russia. Quick photo stop by the Great Mosque of Nouakchott – funded by Saudi Arabia and built in 1982. Head to the beach for some great people watching. This is where local Nouakchottois come to escape the city and cool off. Farewell dinner at a local restaurant Overnight in Nouakchott

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Nouakchott, Mauritania


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