Setjetting (or taking a location vacation) is the trend of travelling to destinations that were the filming locations of movies (Wikipedia). A person who goes on a holiday to a particular place simply because he has read about it or seen it in a film or on television is called a Set-Jetter (UK Slang).

When the first Black Panther was released, it created a huge interest in Wakanda, a fictional country in Africa. I remember reading online about travellers wanting to go to Wakanda, even if the country was not real. A Google search of “Is Wakanda Real?” shows 17,500,000 results. Even if Wakanda is a fictional country in Africa, the language spoken – Xhosa is real.

Wakanda town

According to Expedia Group research, travellers are getting inspiration for their 2023 travel from entertainment. This research confirms that globally, 66 percent of travellers have considered visiting a destination after seeing it featured in a show or movie they’ve streamed at home. Streaming movies and TV shows are now the top sources of travel inspiration (40) percent), outpacing the influence of social media (31 percent).

While destinations in Europe have been the most popularized in TV shows and movies, we are seeing more and more destinations in Africa in TV shows and movies on Netflix. Picture yourself going one on one kind culinary experience at Forodhani Night Market in Zanzibar shown in a movie filmed in Zanzibar- Married to Work.

Fordhani Market
Source: Pinterest Jewel G

Whether you are a set-jetter or not, TV shows and movies can be a great source to find your next destinations, especially in Africa where most authentic experiences remain unknown.

Find your inspiration by watching these African TV shows on Netflix:

How to Ruin Your Christmas (Seasons 1 & 2 ): This South African comedy will introduce you to the rich cultures of South Africa. Funny, messy but retaining an emotional core that grounds the chaotic energy, the two-season series (so far) has become somewhat of a yuletide tradition in many households. A divine comedy of errors—and manners—How to Ruin Christmas introduces two families separated by social class yet united by love and tradition.

Young, Famous & African (Seasons 1&2): The Continent of Africa is not just poverty and war. Netflix’s first reality show on the continent assembles a group of wealthy young Africans with some claim to fame and gives them reasons to bond, scheme, fight, gossip and in one instance, renew marital vows.

Namaste Wahala:  A Nigerian cross-cultural romantic comedy. An interracial romance hits humorous and heart-wrenching hiccups as the couple’s parents fight tooth and nail against their relationship.

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