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Kigali Yacu

Kigali, Rwanda

Discover Rwanda, The Land Of A Thousand Hills

Sura Ahandi Kinigi – Gorilla Trekking Edition






Tour Operator

Kigali Genocide Memorial: Audio Guide Tour – Self Guided

Project Manager for PetroCorp, GR8 Consulting

I thoroughly enjoyed Charles' company from ZaNiheza, which provided valuable insights into Rwanda and understanding Kwibuka, remember, -unite-renew. As a delegate at the 2023 Awief conference, witnessing African women taking leadership roles for a better Africa, with Rwanda leading in gender representation, was a source of pride. I admired the country's commitment to zero tolerance for crime and corruption, rapid digital transformation, and the evident focus on safety, security, and economic development. Kudos to Irene Ochem for her impactful role. Exploring Kigali during the conference was another highlight. The challenging Gorilla trekking tour became a remarkable bucket list experience. I immersed myself in local culture, sampled cuisine, and banana beer, enjoyed bike rides, and braved the Chilli. Charles encouraged me to engage with locals, making the trip more enriching. While the Genocide Museum left me despairing, it reinforced the importance of learning from history in the spirit of Kwibuku. Sad to say that nations and their leaders continue to inflict pain, destruction, and death on humankind. Whilst making louder noises on climate change and saving the planet The journey concluded with breath taking views of Kigali,
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Kigali Genocide Memorial: Audio Guide Tour – Self Guided
My family and I decided to visit Rwanda in December of 2020. While we were there we decided to take a tour and explore the country with ZaNiheza. From day one we had a blast. From visiting Lake Kivu to Kigali Arena to the Car free zone, Pottery making, the Genocide museum, the fine cuisines. Rwandans really take pride in there cooking. It's the cleanest county I've been to. My family and I really had a blast. Thanks to ZaNiheza for making it all possible. Without ZaNiheza we wouldn't have learned as much as we did about Rwanda. There's so much that the country has to offer and we got to do all. I would highly recommend anyone who is traveling to Rwanda to book a tour with. ZaNiheza if you want the best experience. We plan on coming back to visit and will be rebooking.
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