From snowcapped mountains and sparkling lakes to lush forests and lively savannas, Uganda offers endless possibilities in a visitor-friendly compact area.  This landlocked country in eastern Africa, home to 65 ethnic groups with a wealth of cultural diversity, has numerous amenities and experiences from budget-minded to splurge-worthy.

Join a cultural walk with a local guide and visit a traditional homestead to learn centuries-old crafts of grinding millet, making machete, and have a sample of warangi, a banana gin.  Thrill seekers head to Jinja City, located at the source of the Nile River and the starting point of endorphin-producing whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, boat cruises, and other water sports.  Urban pleasures await in the capital city of Kampala, located on the shores of Lake Victoria, with museums, cultural centres, and a vibrant nightlife.  Stroll among the fresh produce, textiles, and live animals at Nakasero Market, and ease your hunger pangs with rolex, an egg and vegetable wrap, or a plate of kikomando, chopped up chapati and fried beans topped with avocado or meat stew.