When you hear “Morocco,” do romantic Casablanca, mouth-watering tajine, and bustling bazaars come to mind? This spectacular country is all that, and so much more. Located at the confluence of Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Morocco is a fascinating melange of historical and cultural heritage and has proudly served as a backdrop for countless films. Roman ruins, such as the city of Volubilis from 3rd century BCE, grand boulevards with European-style buildings offering brand-name shopping, and meandering alleys of medinas lined with artisanal shops, all co-exist harmoniously for multi-sensoral delight. Experience the rush of rapids as you sweep 45 km down on a raft, into the warm turquoise embrace of Lake Bin el Ouidane. Bivouac in the Sahara Desert and explore the oases on camelback or ATV, or simply relish the sun as it sets over the red dunes. Luxuriate in the pamperings of an authentic Hammam spa experience. The numerous transportation options in this country, such as TGV, tram, and coach, make it effortless for visitors to incorporate many destinations into their itinerary.


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