There is so much to see and do in Canada, from the juxtaposition of metropolis and wilderness that you experience every time you leave it, to the other end of the spectrum: the countryside, villages, and small towns that reveal Canada to be a rich and multifaceted country, one that is in no way defined – or constrained – by the breathtaking magnificence of its natural landscapes.

Canada is strongly associated with its postcard-perfect wilderness, from the majestic Rocky Mountains, to the great forests, to the glasslike lakes. However, the country’s appeal as a tourist destination extends well beyond nature. Explore the cultural scenes of cities such as Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, with their blended urban settings mixing modernity with historic streetscapes. In Toronto, the skyline’s CN Tower punctuates the city’s cosmopolitan vibe, while Montreal’s cobbled streets sing with the sonorous voices of its arts and music scene. Vancouver lies between mountains and ocean, the outdoor playground of Canada, with a cultural mosaic and dining boom. And needless to say, Canada’s indigenous cultural heritage provides the backbone of arts, history and heritage experiences across the country, with museums, cultural centres and events capturing the art, crafts, traditions and stories that formed the backbone of life for thousands of years.